Lawn Care

Green with Envy has several programs to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year round. We can also custom design a program specifically for your needs.


Standard Program

Early Spring Crabgrass (March through early April) an early crabgrass preventive with a nutrient balanced fertilizer for that early green –up.

Spring Crabgrass/ Fertilizer/ Weed (Early April through May) a second crabgrass preventive with fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Early Summer Fertilizer/ Weed Control (June through July) a slow release fertilizer with Iron extending a deep green color through the summer months and spot treating of broadleaf weeds.

Early Fall Fertilizer/ Weed Control (Late August through September) a high nitrogen fertilizer to ensure a thick green lawn for the remainder of the growing season and one last broadleaf weed treatment.

Fall Fertilizer (October through December) a well nutrient balanced fertilizer that will feed the grass roots properly before winter.


Organic Program

Early Spring Fertilizer (March) a booster fertilizer coupled with the fall treatment gives the grass a nice carpet look out of hibernation.

Spring (April) an application of corn-gluten, which reduces the amount of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds plus a fertilizer for that spring green-up.

Early Summer Fertilizer (June) a slow release fertilizer that will provide a long lasting green-up through the early summer months.

Summer Fertilizer (Late July/Early Aug.) an application of a low nitrogen fertilizer aimed at bringing out a late summer green-up without any burn.

Fall Fertilizer (Oct.) The last fertilizer of the season providing a good feeding for the roots before dormancy.


Hybrid Program

Early Spring Crabgrass (March) a traditional pre-emergent crabgrass treatment with fertilizer.

Spring Crabgrass/ Fertilizer (April/May) a second crabgrass treatment with fertilizer.

Early Summer Fertilizer (June) a 100% or 50% slow release organic fertilizer for a long lasting summer feeding.

Early Fall Fertilizer (Late Aug. /Sept.) a high nitrogen organic based fertilizer for a season ending green-up.

Fall Fertilizer (Nov.) an organic root feeding fertilizer for winter nutrition.

Spot treating for broadleaf weeds is included with every treatment.


Tick Program

Our Tick program consists of three treatments per year spring, summer, and fall. Guaranteed to reduce your tick population especially deer ticks which transmit the bacteria responsible for lyme disease.